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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 26, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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patients themselves. >> it is going to get 40 million insured, including me who doesn't have insurance. >> sean: you don't have insurance? >> i don't. >> sean: why not, you can afford it. >> i don't have insurance. >> nobody octobered to preexisting conditions put in. >> we should lower the economy to get bob insurance. >> sure. >> sean: that is all the time we have left. we will worry about bob's insurance later. greta is next we'll see you back here one week from tomorrow, independence day. >> greta: shove it, mr. president! i didn't say this. that's what the democratic, not republican nominee of rhode island after not receiving the president's endorsement. >> i said this process about endorsements isn't something i'm concerned about right now. he can take the endorsement and shove it. >> greta: the democrat frank caprio is locked in a razor
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close race with republican turned independent lincoln chafee. joining us rick klein. unbelievable. >> yeah. astounding political story. president obama had an opportunity here to endorse the democrat and i think that's what a lot of democrats were expecting, including mr. caprio. he finds out the night before the president guess to rhode island he's going to stay out of the race out of respect for his friend lincoln chafee everyone reads that as an endorsement of the independent. obviously the democrat not with that. >> greta: what was he thinking? who is advising him? why did he bother to go to rhode island? he could have avoided this problem by not going. >> he had this on his schedule for sometime he was going to rhode island to raise money. there's a close congressional race trying to save patrick kennedy's old seat. i think for a lot of democrats this perception that president obama and the white house are more focused on 2012 and maybe the obama
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brand than on 2010. he's in a close race in a democratic state. he needs the democratic votes. the caprio team and democrats thought this endorsement would matter for him many they felt like if president obama was onboard it would take some democrats away from chafee. he goes in another direction. if chafee is an independent governor this is the kind of endorsement he would want. >> greta: thinking of himself, not the party. it is called thinking of himself. >> it is hard to argue he's thinking of the party here. the white house can make the argument, we are making the best call based on who the best candidate is. it is an astounding thing eight days before the election to have the president -- in a winnable race. he very much is in this race. to say you are going to stay out of this out of respect for an old colleague is extraordinary. >> greta: then caprio besides saying shove it in terps of the endorsement, is rhode island has an
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unemployment rate of 11.5%, two points above the national average. he said that the president -- because he's going there for a fundraiser treats the state like an atm. when they had horrible floodings last march didn't bother to do a fly-over. he can't have made the president look worse. >> that's the fall-out of something like this you see democrats saying similar things. anyone associated with that campaign very disappointed with what they saw. a lot of folks in the white house will have to answer this tkwefplt -- this we are eight days before the election this is the story about democrat on democrats talking about each other is not the message you need. >> greta: why did he really go? he could have said he got more pressing business at home like unemployment. but he could have gotten out of this? >> there are a lot of democrats in the northeast that need his >> greta: that didn't help. >> a lot of folks were scratching their heads to
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spend a campaign day in rhode island, obviously raising money is important. >> greta: cove raised money place. >> we could spend time trying to explain political motives around this move. but it is a real head scratcher for a lot of folks. >> greta: who is his political adviser? >> the white house political shop. >> greta: which is? >> axelrod, this was the president's call. make no mistake. i don't think was advisers telling him this is the best thing politically. president obama had this rich with chafee. >> greta: he endorses the republican turned independent over a democrat and the democrat is so close to winning this? >> right if you are the white house you have to let this roll off now it is out there. you can't say you can shove it right back. >> greta: if they lose it is going to look bad like massachusetts, virginia and new jersey. >> right. >> greta: rick, thank you. we want to know what you think go to
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do you agree what frank caprio said, the shove it and how he said it? yes or no? >> former wwe ceo linda mcmahon hoping to smack down blumenthal and become the next senator for connecticut. she joins us fresh off the campaign trail. we've also invited blumenthal he has thus far declined. good evening. >> good evening greta how are you? >> greta: i'm very well. gout a smack down with mr. benoit coming from canada holding a press conference. can you explain what happened and why he came from canada to hold a press conference his son murdered his 7-year-old child and wife a couple years back, part of wwe. >> that shoels it is politics as usual. the blumenthal campaign paid for mr. benoit to come down. put him up in a hotel. and i think it is clearly an intent to try to be a
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distraction from the real issues that facing the people here in connecticut. voters in connecticut are looking for jobs. they are looking for the economy to turn around. to fly chris benoit's father down for a press conference is pretty reprehensible. >> greta: the polls show mr. blumenthal with a sizeable lead so you don't have to reach that far down and it is something that can backfire. i guess that's what surprised me about it. >> clearly, he can't run on his record of creating jobs. he's not done anything for the connecticut. i think he's trying to be again, a distraction from the real issues that i hear when i'm around the state talking to people. they want to go back to work. they want to get our economy back on track. connecticut's unemployment is 9.1% slightly below the national average. we've got to put people back to work in the private sector.
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i've been saying that since i got into this race. >> greta: why isn't that resonating with voters? why are you having a hard time gaining traction on that issue? >> i think it is resonating with the people in connecticut. scott brown was down 15 points, nine days out from the election. i think this election will be decided on november 2nd, it is tight, a horse race. but we are going to be victorious on november 2nd. >> greta: do you think it is different for a woman ceo -- it is interesting in this election season we have carly fiorina, courtroomer ceo and we have meg whitman former ceo, rather large companies, you have been a ceo of a large company. sort of a new phenomenon we are seeing ceo women. is the race tilted away from you? women have a tougher ride or not? >> richard blumenthal has been part of the public eye here for over 20 years. prior to that he was in the state legislature.
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he's got a big head start for recognizeability and i've been playing catch-up, closing that gap really fast. i'm pleased with where we are in the race. we are going to keep pedal to the metal through tuesday. >> greta: you've spent a lot of your personal money. a lot of candidates do this. how in the world do they spend a sizeable amount with a job with a return of less than $200,000. i see 10, 20, 30 million dollars for a $200 or less job why did you -- for a $200,000 or less job, why do you do that? >> i got in the race because i was concerned with where our government was taking this country. i decided to spend the money i earned and not take any pac or special interest money so i wouldn't owe favors. blumenthal had a 20 year lead in terms of recognizeability. you can imagine if he had to play for all the free media
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he's had over 20 years would it add up to a lot more than i've spent. i was little willing to make the investment to run in the racism and i'm not going to take a salary as senator. so there's not a return of the salary for me. i'm going to be a citizen legislator. and i'm willing to commit my own funds for that. >> greta: if you should lose this race, come election day, why do you think it will be? >> i do believe it is gonna really revolve around voter turnout i would encourage all of our voters in connecticut to make sure they are getting to the polls. they are talking to their friends and neighbors and we have a good voter turnout we are going to win on the ground game. but it's a lot of volunteer effort, doorknocking. any folks who would like to volunteer we welcome hem to the campaign. >> greta: we are going to be watching carefully, it is an exciting race, your race as well as many other races across the country. this is one fascinating
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midterm election. thanks for joining us. good luck. >> thanks some greta. >> greta: coming up, right now everyone is talking tea party. are candidates running scared of tea party power? >> what are the presidential hopefuls thinking about tea party powers? rick sanatorium joins us. >> speaking of the tea party, karl rove and sarah palin talking what it is? how it got start? on the record goes coast-to-coast to bring you the signed story on the tea party. >> plus frank caprio is not the only one with harsh words for the president. tiffany hartley whose husband was shot on a jet ski has direct words for president obama. he won't like them. >> texas attorney general >> texas attorney general joins [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
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>> greta: everyone is talking about the power of the tea party. how much power does it have? according to a recent poll, tea party supporters are now making up more than 1/3 of likely voters on election day. what happens on november 3rd, the day after? are presidential hopefuls adjusting strategies in light of growing tea party power? what about the number elected conservatives will the tea party keep pressuring them? rick santorum joins us from iowa. good evening senator. >> hi greta.
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>> greta: nice to see you. let's talk from iowa. the tea party movement, what impact is that going to have on people who are looking at 2012 to run for president in terms of strategy? even when to announce, not to announce? what is the strategy? >> first off, i think there's a clear recognition the tea party is not a one-trick pony. these folks have turned a movement into a political movement. very active, very involved in this 2010 election. and have every intention of continuing on and to try to build that movement to do the two things you just mentioned. keep the heat on those who just elected in 2010. and begin the process of formulating strategies on how to continue into 2012. republican candidates have to deal with that reality. i think there are candidates beginning to do that now here
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in iowa and across the country. >> greta: for lack of a better word they are protesters. they don't have a leader. they don't have a candidate running they endorse or support. how do they keep from imploding internally, if they have no glue to htogether in te? >> i think what holds them together, this is what is different than 1994, there was a third-party movement or a separate movement called the perot movement that had a leader. it was funding the movement. after the 1994 elections it disappeared. i was not a factor in 1996 even though perot was trying to do something. this is a movement not around a person but on a set of principles. on first principles of our democracy. it is about limited government. constitutional government. that principle of which these people are organizing, is one i think is a powerful one and will continue and republicans
1:16 am
in particular are gonna have to gauge as to how much they want to emtpwhraeus. when you embrace that, -- embrace that. when you embrace that you are going to tick off moderate republicans many of which are the big funders of republican candidates. there's a great tension or there will be a great tension between the establishment and those who are pushing for more conservative principles, pure conservative principles based on the constitution. >> greta: if you decide as a candidate to embrace them and take a run at them and work with them and get them in your camp and suppose the unemployment level declines and the economy starts buzzing and people go back to work and they lose interest like 1994, this movement seems to have from unemployment and health care law, both have made these people mad. if those thingsgate dressed, does this movement vanish? is the strategy now turned upside down?
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>> i think unemployment certainly and the state of the economy has exacerbated the or increased the intensity. i think the people that are involved in the tea party movement see this as a explosion of government. not just because the economy is bad. they see this as fundamental freedoms taken away. health care first and foremost. there are other issues this burgeoning debt the fact that the congress is unwilling to take on spending. unwilling to let loose the american free enterprise system and let it those are things that are going to continue whether the economy perks up a little or not. obamacare in all likelihood not going to be revealed -- repealed, so that will be an issue in 20 of. i think this party and movement will be alive and well in 2012. >> greta: how do people who are elected this time because of the tea party not fall into the same problems as
1:18 am
president obama? when president obama came into office all these things were going to be changed overnight, don't ask, don't tell, pulling out of iraq. enough the tea party having expectations health care is going away, taxes come down, cut spending. six months out they find out their candidate is business as usual, now what? >> that is a perfect question to ask. one of the things as i've been traveling the country and giving speeches to tea parties including the tea party convention in rich morning. you have to set expect -- in richmond. you have to set expectations, barack obama will still be the president. while you hopefully will election a conservative congress maybe a conservative or republican senate. ability to get things done is going to be limited. i keep saying in 2010 this election is about stopping more bad things from happening. but you have to have a second election in 2012, if you want to really start turning things around. i believe the tea party out there is sophisticated enough to understand that if obama is
1:19 am
still there, the chance for us to do major changes in government in the direction they would like to see it is going to be pretty limited. >> greta: senator, thank you, you know how much i love the midwest. >> i'm having a great time, thank you. >> greta: griff jenkins has the inside scoop on the tea party. karl rove, sarah palin, dick armey and more. later, more fighting words this time not a democrat in rhode island but a grieving young woman. tiffany hartley whose husband was killed reportedly by mexican bandits. she wants president obama to wake up, her words. new numbers on who the independents plan to vote for. one party is not going to be happen. it is being called the flight of aren't you sick of these airline credit cards that advertise flights for 25,000 miles? but when you call... let me check. oh fud, nothing without a big miles upcharge. it's either pay their miles upcharges or connect through mooseneck! [ freezing ] i can't feel my feet.
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>> greta: wake up! she is warning him and she not alone. tiffany hartley the american whose husband was shot and killed reportedly by mexican bandits says president obama should wake up and look at what is going on in our backyard. speaking out since her husband david was killed on a jet ski. hartley is trying to get congress, governors and
1:23 am
citizens focused on the drug violence in mexico. texas attorney general growing abbott joins us. good evening sir, we've been talking about this story, trying to get the focus is going on in mexico what is it going to take? >> well, it takes things like this. first of all, what tiffany has suffered is a terrific tragedy that hardly any of us could understand or relate to. second she shows great courage by talking about this issue that not only killed her husband but has caused many other americans to lose their lives and threatens texans and our fellow americans on a daily basis. it was back in late june that i sent a warning message to president obama when bullets went flying from juarez to city hall in el paso. i warned that americans could be losing their lives because of this danger along the border. that's what is happening. since that time, we've seen more americans lose their lives. now of course mr. hartley has
1:24 am
lost his life. it is imperative that the federal government of the united states step up and protect this border. >> greta: we pulled a copy of your june 30th, letter to the president. i'm curious, the letter that you sent, did you ever get an answer? >> we have received no answer from the president. from janet napolitano from anyone connected with the federal government since that letter went out. after mr. hartley was killed in this incident, down in the lake bordering on mexico, governor perry sent a letter janet napolitano. and he has not heard back from her either. we need to put this in some context. this happened on a lake that borders between texas and mexico. this is a lake where before mr. hartley was killed, pirates on that lake had been robbing and creating a danger there. if you think back a few months
1:25 am
into barack obama's presidency when there were pirates on -- off the coastline of somalia and they captured people and held people as hostage. at that time, the president said that he was going to work to crackdown on piracy, thousands of miles away from the united states coast. we have piracy going on, on the texas/mexican border. and the president has not stepped up and issued a similar warning that going to combat piracy on our own coastline. >> greta: something else i can't figure out. secretary of state clinton we've gone to mexico with at at least one, maybe twice. she said recently that mexico is like colombia of 20 years ago. as soon as she said that she got jumped by president obama and president calderon and said oh no, mexico is not like colombia 20 years ago. as if we are all making this
1:26 am
up. there was a rehab center that was just stormed 10 or 15 killed the other night a rehab center because they dared to try to get off drugs. it is a terrible situation. >> it is worse than that. you mentioned the story that occurred this past friday night. 14 teens were gunned down in a party in juarez. this is something that plays out so frequent that it doesn't surprise people any more this is the important part. this isn't just cartel members killing cartel members this year alone more than 50 americans have lost their lives to the drug cartels is american blood being shed also. bulging across our border like i warned to my letter to the president just like what tiffany heartly is warning. it is going to take the courage of tiffany and our fem low americans to make the president and the federal government wake up and realize we are living with real danger, real american lives not only
1:27 am
at risk, but lives that are being lost. people will continue to die until the president steps up and begins to protect our border. growth mr. attorney general, thank you are -- >> greta: mr. attorney general, thank you sir. >> you remember this guy? >> allow me to introduce myself, i represent the rent is too damn high party. >> greta: he's very upset about the rent in new york. now he's back. this time on the national stage. you've got to stick around for this video. first, karl rove, sarah palin, they are up in the next three minutes talking the tea party and the power of the movement. and the power of the movement. don't change that channel. [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living but you see, with the help of her raymond james financiaadvisor, she had planned f every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187.
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1:31 am
>> the tea party americans have been bold enough, courageous enough toe start telling the truth. >> when started -- fomenting we saw this energy we had never seen before. we saw this uprising of citizens who had never been involved before. >> i am one of thousands, if not millions of tea party leaders. there's not one single person. anyone can be a tea party leader. >> four years ago 82 million people voted in races for united states -- [ inaudible ] >> regardless of the out come of the midterm election history will note was the year of the tea party. they've had aunt didn'table impact in this year's election
1:32 am
cycle. most notably winning major victories in republican primaries in places like alaska, colorado, delaware, florida, nevada and utah. in what began as a leaderless grass roots outpouring of anger and frustration at the establishment has green into a formidable political movement calling for -- smaller government and fiscal responsibility. do we know they are? if they are leaderless as they claim? what happens to them november november 2nd? we look at some major players in the tea party movement. starting with perhaps aunt likely face. someone who has been an insider in washington, former house majority leader dick arm who are the tea party? what do they want? >> they are really just plain folks. they are folks that i'm an american, i'm protected by the constitution, therefore i enjoy the luxury of not having to fear my government. i can ignore my government, it is my right as a it is den because my constitution protects my liabilities -- my
1:33 am
liberties. all of a sudden they say this government is infringing on my liberties this government is big enough, the worst fear of our founding fathers was that our government could be big enough to ruin our nation. it has gotten that big and audacious. i can no longer now enjoy the luxury of staying out of it. i've got to get on the field and start disciplining this government. >> problem with this government is it doesn't understand its limitations. it doesn't respectk?4x its >> reporter: freedom works a libertarian group founded by armey in 2005 together they've been helping tea party groups organize across the country and get out the vote efforts in local districts. >> we've always sought to organize grass roots citizens in the fight for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. part of that process is training folks how to organize an event. now see your congressman.
1:34 am
how to impact the decisions that politicians make. >> obviously, a guy like dick armey, former majority leader, yourself a former capitol hill staffer, there's a sense this tea party is upset with the status quo. unset with the inside establishment guys. you are bottle in-- both inside washington establishment yet you are one of the key players in the tea party movement how does that happen? whether we are true principle, whether we are consistent with the tea party ethos. if we have a humility going into that i think we bring a certain value after the election, the question becomes how do we translate this movement, this protest movement into specific legislative initiatives that are going to fix our government that are going to rein in spending and repeal and relays the health care bill?
1:35 am
dick armey knows how to do that i understand how the process works. if i can be part of this movement and help people take the next step, i think we still add value >> reporter: the tea party patriots likely the largest national organization consisting of thousands of groups under one umbrella. founded last year by california lawyer mark mechanicler and stay at home mom jenny beth martin who lives in atlanta. they are a non-profit organization rather than a political action committee. they neither endorse nor give money directlism their efforts focused entirely on supporting the grass roots. they recently received a one million dollar donation from an anonymous donor. do you guys get behind candidates? of the other tea party parties have chosen to support angle, o'donnell? >> endorsements are a perfect example of how tea party patriots work. we had people saying can we
1:36 am
endorse, should we endorse. we kept going back and forth. in april or so of this year, someone brought it up again. we really, really just sat and discussed it for 2 1/2 hours that wasn't our -- that went on almost 3, 3 1/2 hour the whole thing. we discussed the pros and cons of endorsing nationally and locally. ultimately, the local coordinator said no, do not endorse. we would rather stick to our principles and educate people on the principles, rather than teaching the pros and cons of one person versus another. >> reporter: you don't endorse candidates. you are not a political action committee that puts money into races? >> correct. >> reporter: you are a non-profit organization? >> right 501c-4. >> reporter: you support conservative principles. what are the principles? >> three principles: fiscal responsibility,
1:37 am
constitutionally limited government and free markets. >> the tea party movement is but an expression. it is an expression of a broader tea party sentiment that gave rise it to this is a powerful movement. the sentiment out there in the country, which has expressed itself by some who have that sentiment banding together in this highly energetic incredibly decentralized group of organizations around the country is going to have a huge impact on the election. >> reporter: the tea party express is best known for their cross-country bus tours and currently on their fourth and final journey. a political action committee created by california based republican strategist, sal rue when the tea party idea came up people says we have to do something different we can't use traditional parties that's what brought all the enthusiasm and excitement. we knew right then we needed to get people to see there were millions around the delay
1:38 am
shared their views. that if they got off the couch, got out and if in concert action they could make a big difference in america. our first two bus tours in 2009 can that purpose to make people see it wasn't hopeless. if you get out there and get involved you can make a difference and we can take our country back. >> our message is we don't work for you any more, mr. reid, enjoy your retirement. we don't work for you any more, nancy pelosi, you're fired. and mr. obama, and your czars, you're next. because now we can see 2012 from our house. >> reporter: did you think when you first started participating with the tea party this movement was going to have the impact that it has had? >> absolutely. the impact is going to be greater come november 3rd. because then will be focused
1:39 am
on the 2012 election and the need then for an even more aggressive movement to stop what president obama is doing to this country when it comes to killing jobs and the policies he's so engaged in that makes no sense for america. what i'm real encouraged about and want to encourage tea party americans about is to keep the faith. they've been slandered, lied about by mainstream media calling them racist, fear mongers and violence inciters none of that is true. they've been persevering through all of that adversity and extra challenge. they are standing strong, standing committed to their message. it is the right message for america. and i encourage them to keep it up. >> reporter: are you the leader of the tea party? >> thank goodness, tea party americans don't have, they don't need a leader. an individual. they are not a bunch of sheeple. independent americans not just
1:40 am
hard-core conservatives, involved in any political machine they are independents knowing that america is based on very, very solid foundational principles. they want to get back to those principles. that has nothing do with having a party machine telling . >> greta: we'll find out in eight short days the impact of the tea party on this year's elections. >> it is being called the flight of the independents. it is catastrophic news for one party on election day. which party? we have a new poll. doug schoen joins us next. >> is a-list actor george clooney a closet conservative? new video, must see, coming new video, must see, coming up. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices? sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi plce around the corner. well, in that case, i better get bk to these invoices... whh i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes.
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1:44 am
its own investigation into reports of mishandled foreclosures. the fed wants to find out if major banks cut corners and used flawed documents to foreclose on thousands of homes nationwide. state officials and the fbi are also looking into this matter. an early season snowstorm has begun, which could bring up to 16 inches to colorado mountains. forecasters say 8 inches of snow could fall before noon in scprail aspen areas will be hit. strong winds are expected to reduce visibility to less than a mile and blowing snow. the nikkei market is up, 9430. hang seng is down at 23610. and dow jones futures are 11120. for more, check out the fox news business network. thanks for watching. >> greta: it is the flight of the inches and crushing democrats' hopes tuesday. george washington university
1:45 am
poll republicans now hold a 14.edge among independents and 5% lead in a match-up. does this spell disaster for democrats? doug schoen joins us. i guess you would have to fold into the consideration the ground game the get out the vote that didn't seem like those are very good numbers for the democrats. >> absolutely not. the enthusiasm is all with the republicans this year itch the poll shows independents are starting to think and act like republicans. you have to have voters to pull out. right now there are not enough democratic supporters to give the party a chance to equal the gap on election day. >> greta: how much influence do independents have on the election 2008 for president obama? >> i think it is a simple story. independents broke 52-44 for obama and gave him the bulk of his margin of victory. right now in that poll they are providing the bulk of the
1:46 am
margin of victory for the republicans. >> greta: any good sign in any of these polls for the democrats? >> there is. in some of the polling on the west coast for the state of california, the state of washington, democrats are coming home, jerry brown is ahead. barbara boxer is ahead. patty mur very ahead. in the state of connecticut, dick blumenthal has gone to a double digit lead over linda mcmahon. west virginia narrow lead for man chin. turn to pennsylvania and you have a statistical tie perhaps slight advantage for toomey. democratic enthusiasm in the base is coming home. otherwise there is not a lot of good news. >> greta: what would possess president obama to throw the democratic candidate for governor in rhode island under the bus by going to the state and snubbing him by not endorsing him and sort of by not in a wink -- by a nod and
1:47 am
wink endorsing chafee running as a republican turn independent? >> it is hard to understand. chafee and president obama had a close relationship in the senate. they worked together. i think this was a way to throw a bone to lincoln chafee. may be more and a bone. that being said to diss the front-runner in the gubernatorial race and provoke the angry response caprio offered, it doesn't make a lot of sense. >> greta: here's the thing more difficult it sents a message to every loyal democrat who held his or her nose and voted for the stimulus or health care knowing that he or she would have to answer to the electorate come in by wanting to be a good party man or woman finds out that president obama he threw the guy under the bus. >> and this has been a year where there are a slew of democratic incumbents and challengers who have already been thrown under the bus. perhaps not publicly.
1:48 am
but funding has been cut off. the white house has cut off the doing of favors and entering of surrogates. this has been a democratic part largely operated for the white house and the president this is the latest manifest nation. >> greta: what happens in 2012, do democrats have a long term memory internally or can the president turn this one around and rally the troops? >> the president's best ally and asset are the republicans. the republicans are divided they don't have a clear front-runner. i think if the republicans get effective control of congress it will give the president someone to campaign against and the democrats will most likely stay loyal to the president and give him at least a fighting chance if not more come 2012. >> greta: the election is going to be fascinating come tuesday doug, thank. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, if you are a blonde looking for an exotic vacation spot, have
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures of a fire raging in philadelphia. firefighters have been ing the massive wear highways fire for hours. nearby homes >> homes have for the latest on this breaking news story. >> now to our benefit of the rest. it is not the running of the bulls, it is the running of the blondes this bulgaria played host to the international blonde conference. model, intelligence will save the world. topics successful business practices by blondes. blondes in politics. and fighting addiction to shopping.
1:54 am
the to turn this into an annual event that brings tourists to bulgaria. good thing i just got my membership card in the mail. i'll see you there next year. >> as if anyone needs a reason to love george in you are a conservative, here is your reason. >> in is the big difference between liberals and conservatives. i don't think conservatives are bad people. i think they have a hard time being empathetic to people who are not like them at all. >> now wait -- [ applause ] >> i'll tell you why that is not necessarily true. this movement, the sudanese movement darfur, north-south agreement were really, truly embraced by the right even more so than the left. >> greta: no word on whether we'll be seeing him at any tea party rallies soon. >> halloween is just around the corner what is better than human costumes? canine costumes of course.
1:55 am
contest at the el cajon animal shelter in san diego. the open house event offers dog obedience classes and rabies vaccinations. glad we didn't have to judge. how do you pick a winner? they are all so cute. there you have the best of the rest. >> still ahead, your last call. the candidate from the rent is too damn high party is back stealing the show again. ♪ [ d ] for years, i was just a brewer. until one of the guys brought in some fresh bread that he'd made from our pale ale. and from that first bite, i knew my business would never be the same. [ male announcer ] when businesses see an opportunity to grow, the hartford is there. protecting their property and helping them plan their employees' retirement. ♪ beer or bread? [ male announcer ] see how the hartford helps businesses at my kids say i speak a different language.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. this candidate for new york governor stole the show at the debate. >> cut the rent down, cut taxes down to give business owners a chance to hire people. that is it. nothing else should be said. there is nothing else to talk about it. rent is too damn high. >> and he made a splash landing himself on the national stage getting skewered on saturday night live. >> allow me to introduce myself. i represent the rent is too damn high party. people ask if elected how would you lower your rent? simple. the rent is too damn high. >> what about these reports that you, yourself haven't paid rent since the 80s? >> do you know why i don't pay rent, sir? >> if i had to guess, i would say... >> the rent is too damn high. so this hall wean,


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